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 Deborah Schilling

I believe my art mirrors where I was born, where I grew up, and where I currently live.  I was born in Havana, Cuba the most beautiful island in the Caribbean.  The colors of Cuba are like none other and it definitely  influences my work!  It is seen in the hues, faces, and animals

that appear in my art.  

 I grew up in Brooklyn, New York.  I always say Brooklyn was an incredible place to live and grow up, but without question, it is the antithesis of Cuba.  While I was in middle school and High school I was fortunate to attend the Brooklyn Museum Art School. There I learned to draw the nude and to develop my drawing and painting skills. New York City, with it's astonishing art culture, it's excitement, and diversity of people and language brings a lot of strength to my line, which shows in my work.  I was accepted into The School of Visual Arts, New York. I studied every aspect of drawing, painting, illustration and graphic design.  New York City has stayed with me in the way that I walk, talk and think.


 As an adult, I moved to Miami Beach.  Miami is an amalgamation of the many Hispanic cultures that thrive there.  It is a tropical city that is vibrant and alive with Caribbean music and language, and buildings of white or pastel that gleam in the heat and sun.  Miami, a surrogate for my hometown of Havana, had an intense influence in may art as a working artist. I did a a lot of Illustration work for Harcourt Brace Hispanic Division. I also Illustrated children's books for Scholastic, Children's Press.  I went back to school at The University Of Miami, studied animation and motion picture production and received my MFA in 1995.  I became an art teacher in private art schools and for the Dade Country Schools in the Miami Area until 2014.

Today, I love living with my family in Albany, California. Next to UC Berkeley. I have my studio here a wonderful building that is adjacent to my home.  The Bay Area has an intellectual and cultural vibe that I missed very much from my years in New York.  Eventually, I know my work will begin to reflect the California environment and lifestyle,

moving into my subject and expression, although

my artwork will always be colorful and meaningful to me!  

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